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Apple Scionwood

2018 Availability List
Scionwood - $4.00 for a 12" stick
Scionwood orders must be received by March 15th. $10 late charge after March 15th assuming we still have scionwood available.
Custom Bench Grafted Apple Trees, Pear Trees, and Plum Trees - $12 each
(na) - Not Available This Year | Click on the Name to See a Full Decription
Akero Golden Pippin Muster Spokane Beauty
Almata Golden Russet N.W Greening Spur McIntosh
American Pippin Golden Spice (Dyer) Niedzwetkyana Spur Redgold
Apricot Goof Norland St. Edmunds Russet
Aroma Grimes Golden Norson Starr
Atlas Grindstone (American Pippin) North Pole Summer Champion
Autumn Berry Hadlock Reinette Northfield Beauty Summer Glow
Baldwin Haralson Nortons Melon Summer Orange
Bancroft Harcourt Nova Easy Gro Summer Rose
Beacon Hawkeye Org. Delicious Novamac Summer Scarlet
Benoni Hibernal November Peach Summer Treat
Bill's Red Flesh Hidden Rose™ Oliver Sunrise
Billy Bound Holstein Orenco Surprise
Black Gilliflower Honey Gold Oriole Swaar
Bonnie Best Honey Sweet Oxheart Pippin Sweet 16
Braeburn Honeycrisp Ozark Gold Sweet Alford
Breaky Hubbardston Nonesuch P.R. John Sweet Sal
Burgandy Hudsons Golden Gem Pacific Gala Swiss Gourmet
Calville Blanc d Hiver Hunt Russet Parkland Swiss Limbertwig
Canada Reinette Ida Red Paulared Tarbutton
Caney Fork Limbertwig Ingram Pink Delight Tetofski
Carter Blue Ingrid Marie Pink Old Lady Theilen
Champlain Iron Bridge Pink Pearl Titus Pippin
Chenango Strawberry Islar Rose Pitmaston Pineapple Tollman Sweet
Cherry Cox Jefferis Pomme d'Or Tompkins King
Cherry Pearmain Jersey Sweet Porter Twenty Ounce Pippin
Cinnamon Spice Jonamac Pound Sweet Tydemans Early
Clay Pot Jonathan Ramsdell Sweet Viking
Coconut Crunch Jonwin Red Barron Virginia Beauty
Coles Quince July Red Red Butterscotch Virginia Winesap
Connell Red July Tart Red Giant Crab Vista Bella
Cortland Kandil Sinap Red Hook Von Zuccalmaglios Reinette
Cox Orange Pippin Karmije De Sonnaville Red Limbertwig Wagener
Crimson Spire Kidds Orange Red Red Melba Washington Strawberry
Davey Kingston Black Red St. Lawrence Wealthy
Dbl. Red Duchess Knobbed Russet Redfield Wedge
Duchess of Oldenburg Lady-Api Redwell Westerfield Seek No Further
Dudley (North Star) Liberty Regent White Pippin
Early Grannie Linsay Russet Reinette Gris Whitney Crab
Early Harvest Lobo Reinette Simirenko Wickson Crab
Early Strawberry Loop Russet Baldwin Roman Stem Williams
Edward VII Lubsk Queen Rome Winekist
Egremont Russet Macoun Roxbury Russet Winesap
Ellison Orange Maigold Royal Gala Winter Banana
Emerald Spire Manitoba Spy Rusty Coat Wismers Dessert
Empire Mantet Sandow Wodarz
Empress Marigold Saxton Fallstripe Wolf River
Enterprise Marlin Stephens Scarlet Gala Yarwood Crab
Erwin Baur Marshall McIntosh Scarlet Pimpernel Yeager Sweet
Esopus Spitzenburg McGhee's Seedling Scarlet Surprise Yellow Bellflower
Eves Delight McIntosh Scott Winter Zabergau
Fall Russet Melrose Shamrock
Fireside Mertons Russet Sherry
Freyberg Milo Gibson Smoke House
Geneva Red Milton Snow-Fameuse
Ginger Gold Minkler Molasses Somerset of Maine
Gloster Mollies Sops of Wine
Gold Ball Morden 359 Spartan
Golden Noble Moses Wood Spice Russet
Golden Pearmain Mother Spigold
Golden Pippin Muster Spokane Beauty

Pear Scionwood

Clapps Favorite German A Spartlett
Clapp's Favorite, Red German C-Tree Ripe Winter Nelis
Des Urbanistes Luscious
Forelle Moonglow
German A Spartlett

Plum Scionwood

McLaughlin Princess
Pembina Red Diamond
Pipestone Waneta