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Below are the semi-dwarfing rootstocks used at Maple Valley Orchards. We will sell some rootstocks at limited quantities. Please call or email us for details.
Apple Rootstocks
Price - $3.50 each
P2 A dwarf rootstock developed in Poland that has exceptional winter hardiness.  Trees on P2 display good open growth.  Trees are Bud 9 size and free standing.  P2 are precocious and crops in the third year.
Bud 9 From Russia. Trees will be approximately 30-35% of standard tree at maturity or about 8 to 10 feet. These trees will require staking for support.  Trees tend to be early producers and will be very cold hardy and resistant to collar rot.
M26 Trees will be approximately 40% of a standard tree at maturity or about 10 - 12 feet. The tree will require staking for support.  Trees are productive and cold hardy.
Pear Rootstocks
Price - $3.50 each
OHxF333 Developed in Oregon.  Trees will be approximately 50 - 65% of a standard tree at maturity or about 14 - 16 feet. These trees are hardy, do not require support, and are very productive.  Trees trend to be resistant to fire blight.
Plum Rootstocks
Price - $3.50 each
St. Julian Trees will be approximately 50% of a standard tree at maturity or about 12 feet. These trees are hardy and do not require support.