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Maple Valley Orchards & Nursery sells everything listing on our website but only ships bareroot fruit trees, scionwood, rootstock and listed nursery supplies.
Our shipping season begins in the second week of January and continues until all stock is sold or the end of May.  Please specify a shipping address acceptable for UPS delivery.
We ship our trees and scionwood out every Monday from mid January through to the end of May. Our trees are packaged in a cardboard box with the roots tucked in a sturdy plastic bag with moist newspaper inside tightly bound with string. This will insure the trees roots will remain sufficiently moist upon arrival to your home. We also include the appropriate planting instructions for the trees.  Please advise us immediately if your package arrives damaged.

Our trees are guaranteed to grow well if they are given the proper care.  Our trees are also guaranteed to be true to the variety. 

We do not have a catalog. All of our nursery products are on this website.

All scionwood: $4.00 for a 12" stick
Bareroot Apple Trees: $24.00 each
Bareroot Pear Trees: $24.00 each
Bareroot Plum Trees: $24.00 each
Rootstocks: $3.50 each
Custom Benchgrafts: $12 each
We accept cash, personal checks, Visa and MasterCard. There is a $40 minimum order excluding shipping for Visa and MasterCard
Click here for a printable Order Form. (Word)
Order Form. (PDF)
** PLEASE NOTE: You must use the order form when emailing or mailing an order.
eMail us at:
** Please include your phone number when emailing us
Call us at: 920-412-5741
Shipping and Handling Charges
US Orders: 20% of total order amount. Minimum charge of $12.00
Wisconsin Sales Tax: For Wisconsin residents, please add 5.5% for sales tax
** PLEASE NOTE: We only ship to US addresses.
** PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volatile nature of shipping costs, we reserve the right to reassess shipping charges prior to shipment. We will contact you if there are changes prior to shipment.
Click here for a printable Planting Instructions.