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2018  Availability
We can also custom bench graft any apple tree from our Scionwood page
Click on the Name to See a Full Decription of the Apple Tree
Bareroot Apple Trees -$24.00 each
Alaska Rootstock: M26
Autumn Crisp Rootstock: Bud9
Burgandy Rootstock: M26
Calville Blanc d Hiver Rootstock: Bud 9
Cherry Pearmain Rootstock: M26
Cox Orange Pippin Rootstock: M26
Empire Rootstock: Bud9
Enterprise Rootstock: Bud 9
Esopus Spitzenburg Rootstock: Bud 9
Hawaii Rootstock: M26
Honey Gold Rootstock: Bud 9
Honeycrisp Rootstock: M26
Ida Red Rootstock: Bud 9
Jonagold Rootstock: Bud9
Liberty Rootstock: Bud9
Lubsk Queen Rootstock: M26
Macoun Rootstock: Macoun
Melrose Rootstock: Bud 9
Niedzwetkyana Rootstock: M26
Pristine Rootstock: Bud9
Red Barron Rootstock: M26
Red Hook Rootstock: M26
Redfield Rootstock: M26
Redfree Rootstock: Bud9
Roxbury Russet Rootstock: Bud 9
Smoke House Rootstock: Bud 9
SnowSweet Rootstock: Bud9
St. Edmunds Russet Rootstock: M26
Summer Rambo Rootstock: Bud9
Williams Pride Rootstock: Bud9
Winecrisp Rootstock: Bud 9
Winesap Rootstock: Bud 9
Winter Banana Rootstock: Bud 9
Zestar Rootstock: Bud9
Our apple trees are two year old whips that are 3 - 5 feet tall.