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Ralls Janett
Origin: Virginia 1800s Ripens: Oct/Nov Zone: 3 - 6
Small to medium fruit. Yellow or greenish skin flushed, matted and streaked with red. Firm, fine, crisp, tender, pleasantly aromatic, white flesh. Good keeper when stored properly.
Ramsdell Sweet
Origin: Connecticut 1850s Ripens: Oct Zone: 3 - 6
Also called English Sweet. An attractive red appple of good size and very good quality. In season from mid-autumn to mid-winter. The tree is a pretty good grower and an early bearer. Nearly annual bearer of not very uniform in size and quality fruits. Skin thin, rather tough, smooth yellow nearly overspread with an attractive dark red with a blue bloom. Flesh tinged with yellow firm, fine, tender, juicy, very sweet, quality good to very good.
Origin: Washington Ripens: November Zone: 4 - 6
Uses: Cider
A small to medium, red fleshed, balanced, cider apple. Not a good keeper. Great for a bright red juice.
Razor Russet
Origin: Ripens: Zone: 3 - 6
An attractive russet mutation of Golden Delicious. Spicier than standard Golden.
Red Barron
Origin: University of Minnesota - 1969 Ripens: Aug - Sept Zone: 4 - 7
Uses: Eating, Pies, Sauce
Medium to large, red apple with tart, juicy flesh. A good keeper. Trees are productive and somewhat disease resistant.
Red Butterscotch
Origin: Unknown Ripens: Late September Zone: 4 - 7
Uses: Baking, Eating, Pies, Salads
Small to medium size apple with orange/red striping over green. The flesh is firm and sweet. A good keeper.
Red Cortland
Origin: Ripens: Zone: 3 - 6
Red Giant Crab
Origin: Unknown Ripens: September Zone: 4 - 7
Uses: Cider, Pies, Sauce
Dark red fleshed apple that grows up to 3" in diameter. The flesh is firm and very tart.
Red Gravenstein
Origin: Germany 1873 Ripens: Late August - September Zone: 2 - 6
Uses: Eating, Pies, Sauce
Improved red strain of Gravenstein. A large, crisp, juicy cooking apple with white flesh.
Red Hook
Origin: New York 1938 Ripens: Sept/Oct Zone: 3 - 6
Flesh white or cream, with outer half pink when fully ripe. Very good eating apple. Not for processing.
Red Limbertwig
Origin: Ripens: Zone: 3 - 6
A beautiful round and conical shaped apple with yellow flesh that is rich, aromatic, and juicy. All purpose. Keeps all winter. Weeping type.
Red McIntosh
Origin: Ripens: Zone: 3 - 6
Red Melba
Origin: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - 1936 Ripens: Late August Zone: 2 - 6
Uses: Eating, Pies, Sauce
A sport of Melba which in turn is a McIntosh seedling. Yellow ground covered with pinkish blush and dark red shading. Highly aromatic with white flesh. Early bloomer. Susceptible to apple scab and premature drop.
Red Ribston
Origin: Yorkshire, England - 1700 Ripens: Sept/Oct Zone: 4 - 9
Uses: Baking, Cider, Eating, Pies, Sauce
A redish sport of Ribston, a parent of Cox's Orange Pippin. Hard, crisp, fine grained, extremely sugary flesh. Not an attractive apple but fine, rich flavor and a pleasant aroma. Fair storage ability. Triploid.
Red Sheepnose
Origin: Unknown Ripens: September Zone: 3 - 6
Uses: Baking, Cider, Eating, Pies, Salads, Sauce
A very elongated and tapered apple with yellow, red skin. Tart early but becomes sweeter the longer it is left on the tree.
Red St. Lawrence
Origin: Maine Ripens: September Zone: 3 - 5
Uses: Baking, Pies, Sauce
A red sport of St. Lawrence. A very good desert apple with white flesh with red hues throughout. Not a great keeper.
Red Vein Crab
Origin: Ripens: Zone: 2 - 2
Uses: Eating, Pies, Sauce
A large crabapple with deep red/purple skin. The flesh is dark red with a tangy flavor. A beautiful tree. Makes great apple sauce.
Origin: Ripens: Oct Zone: 3 - 6
Unusual cross between Wolf River and Niedzwetzskayana red crab. Medium to large, waxy pink to red fruit. The deep red flesh is slightly dry, making it a superb baking apple. Produces an exceptional jelly or blood red cider. Not a fresh eating apple. Short storage life.
Origin: Purdue - 1981 Ripens: August Zone: 4 - 7
Uses: Eating, Salads
Medium red apple with crisp, juicy flesh that has a distinctive sweet yet tart flavor. Tree has good disease resistance.
Origin: Ontario, Canada in 1811 Ripens: September Zone: 4 - 8
Uses: Cider, Eating, Sauce
The Redmax is a sport variety of McIntosh apples which reddens more. The flesh is firm, juicy, and white.
Origin: Minnesota 1911 Ripens: Sept/Oct Zone: 3 - 6
Cream-colored mild flesh; good for eating, baking and sauce. Keeps until January in storage. Tree has strong framework and bears annually.
Origin: Minnesota 1963 Ripens: Oct Zone: 3 - 6
Medium size fruit. Bright red over yellow. Very pleasing flavor and texture. Honeyed, plenty of acidity, crisp, crackling, juicy flesh. Cooked keeps shape, light flavour, sweet, fruity. Delicately favored, all purpose apple. High dessert quality does not diminish in storage. Fruits store into the winter. Tree is vigorous, bears young, sets good crops. Resistant to cedar apple rust. Susceptible to fire blight and scab. Fruit hangs well, rarely dropping before harvest.
Rein-des Reinettes
Origin: Netherlands Ripens: Oct Zone: 3 - 6
Fruit has dull yellow skin, flushed and flecked red with dots and patches of russet. The white flesh is tender and dense with a sweet subacid flavor.
Reinette Gris
Origin: France - 1700s Ripens: October Zone: 4 - 7
Medium size apple, pale green skin with a russet coat and first white flesh. Sharp, dry, sweet, crisp texture and flavor. Excellent keeper.
Reinette Simirenko
Origin: Ukraine - 1895 Ripens: October Zone: 2 - 2
Uses: Baking, Eating, Pies, Sauce
Medium, greenish-yellow, russeted apple. The flesh is greenish-white that is tender and crisp. It bears early and heavily and will hang on the tree long after ripening.
Origin: England - 1700 Ripens: Mid September Zone: 4 - 9
Uses: Baking, Cider, Eating, Pies, Sauce
An orange/red skinned dessert apple with yellow flesh. Flesh is hard and crisp with a high sugar taste.
Roman Stem
Origin: New Jersey -1817 Ripens: September Zone: 4 - 7
Uses: Eating, Pies, Salads
A small yellow apple with black spots. The flesh is tender and juicy with a mild flavor.
Origin: Ohio, 1848 Ripens: Oct Zone: 3 - 6
Fruit medium to very large with handsomely striped to almost solid red, thick skin. A favorite baking and drying apple, a good keeper on and off the tree. Tree medium sized and spreading with age. Scab resistant.
Ross Nonpareil
Origin: Irish 1802 Ripens: October Zone: 3 - 6
Small, round or conical apple covered with thin gold-brown russet, usually with striking scarlet stripes showing through. High sugar and tartness.
Rosthern 18
Origin: Saskatchewan Ripens: Aug Zone: 3 - 6
Medium size red fruit. Excellent yield. Very good for cooking and eating.
Roxbury Russet
Origin: Massachusetts prior to 1649 Ripens: Oct Zone: 4 - 7
Excellent old American cider apple, a keeper and good for eating fresh. Skin greenish to yellowish-brown russet. Tree medium to large, a good cropper on rich soils.
Royal Gala
Origin: Ripens: Sept/Oct Zone: 3 - 6
This hybrid of Kidds Orange Red and Golden Delicious apples is a sweet apple with excellent texture and flavour. It is a crisp, firm fruit.
Royal Limbertwig
Origin: Ripens: Oct/Nov Zone: 3 - 6
Royal Limbertwig is a high quality fruit recommended for the home orchardist. It is well-adapted to warmer regions and is noted for making excellent apple butter. Fruit is large, roundish to conical with greenish-yellow skin mostly covered with a dull red blush and dark red stripes. The yellow flesh is fine-grained, tender and juicy.
Russet Baldwin
Origin: Unknown Ripens: Zone: 3 - 6
Uses: Baking, Cider, Eating, Pies, Salads, Sauce
Same as regular Baldwin but with russeting.
Rusty Coat
Origin: Connecticut Ripens: Zone: 3 - 6
Similar to Golden Russet except that the skin color is a little darker and the russeting on the skin is much heavier and the flesh dryer. Fine flavor. Excellent for drying and applesauce. Very good keeper. Some disease resistance.