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Lady (Api)
Origin: France 1600 Ripens: Nov/Dec Zone: 4 - 7
Fruit small to very small, borne often in clusters, not quick to bear, but reliable. Susceptible to apple scab where springs are wet. Flesh white, firm, fine-grained; flavor aromatic, mild subacid becoming nearly sweet. Traditionally was used in Christmas decorations and stockings, hence the name Christmas Apple.
Lady Sudeley
Origin: England 1800s Ripens: July Zone: 4 - 6
Uses: Eating
A large early dessert apple with red stripes over a yellow skin. A good cropper.
Origin: Minnesota 1917 Ripens: Sept Zone: 3 - 6
Medium sized fruit dark red striped. Flesh is yellow sometimes slightly tinged with red. Fine textured, juicy, and mildly acid. Excellent for pies and sauce. Mild pleasant flavor, an excellent choice for the home orchard. Good all-purpose apple. Good keeper, keeping till December. Vigorous tree resistant to rust and fire blight.
Lamb Abbey Pearmain
Origin: England 1804 Ripens: Sept Zone: 3 - 6
Dessert apple, small and intensely flavored with a hint of pineapple. Good balance of sugar and acid. Firm flesh. Ripens in September. Tree is medium size and spreading.
Late Strawberry
Origin: New York 1848 Ripens: Sept/Oct Zone: 3 - 6
It is a most attractive apple and considered one of the best dessert apples available. It is very well suited for the home orchard as it tends to ripen over a period of several weeks. It is a vigorous, healthy, and long-lived tree producing moderate to heavy yields biennially or nearly annually. Fruit is medium or larger and often strongly ribbed. The skin is pale yellow nearly covered with pinkish-red and purplish-carmine striping. The yellowish-white flesh is fine-grained, crisp, tender, and juicy.
Laxton Fortune
Origin: England 1931 (Cox Orange Pippin x Wealthy) Ripens: Sept Zone: 3 - 6
Medium size fruit with rich red flush or stripes over pale yellow with occasional russeting. Firm, juicy, creamy white flesh is sweet, richly flavored and lightly aromatic but needs to be left on the tree to fully ripen. Small, compact tree produces good crops but tends to be biennial. Scab resistant.
Leitzke Seedling
Origin: German - mid 1900's Ripens: September Zone: 4 - 7
Uses: Eating, Pies, Sauce
A large, elongated, red skinned apple. Flesh is crisp, crunchy with a tart, sweet flavor. Rates very high in taste tests. Good growth habit and bears early and often.
Origin: New York 1962 Ripens: Oct Zone: 3 - 6
Resistant to apple scab and mildew. A handsome red apple, usually school box size, of the McIntosh type with a wonderful sweet/tart balance. Crisper, keeps better and more heat tolerant than other McIntosh hybrids. Very productive.
Lindsay Russet
Origin: Unknown Ripens: Late September Zone: 4 - 7
A small apple that will become larger if properly thinned. Excellent and unique flavor for cider, sauce and eating. A vigorous, heavily productive tree. Is an early and regular bearer.
Origin: Ottawa, Canada - 1927 Ripens: Early October Zone: 3 - 6
Uses: Baking, Eating, Sauce
Good quality apple that is large and red. Lobo is a seedling of McIntosh and is very hardy.
Origin: Geneva Ripens: July Zone: 3 - 6
An excellent, early yellow apple that is similar to Yellow Tranparent only larger. The crisp fruit is especially good for sauce and pies. One of the first to provide apples in the summer. Thinning is required to keep it bearing annually.
Loop Russet Baldwin
Origin: Pennsylvania - 1930 Ripens: Late September Zone: 4 - 7
Uses: Baking, Eating, Pies, Salads, Sauce
A russet variety of Baldwin
Lord Derby
Origin: England 1862 Ripens: Late September Zone: 4 - 7
Uses: Baking, Pies
A very good, large, green skinned cooking apple.
Lords Seedling
Origin: New York 1892 Ripens: Aug/Sept Zone: 3 - 6
Large, uniform apple that is a heavy bearer.
Lowland Raspberry
Origin: Lithuania in 1883 Ripens: July/Aug Zone: 3 - 6
The flesh is fine-grained, juicy and very tender. Fruit is medium to large and somewhat flattened on both ends.
Lubsk Queen
Origin: Russia Ripens: Sept Zone: 3 - 6
White like skin with red and pink blushes. Flesh is firm, juicy and tart. Good desert apple for pie and sause. Good keeper
Lyman's Large Summer
Origin: Ontario 1800's Ripens: August Zone: 4 - 7
Uses: Baking, Eating, Pies, Sauce
A large, green eating and cooking apple with crisp, juicy sweet/tart flesh.