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Gale Gala
Origin: Malaga, Washington Ripens: August Zone: 4 - 8
Uses: Eating, Pies, Sauce
A medium sized, red apple with yellow flecks. Flesh is firm and semi-sweet.
Origin: Finland Ripens: Aug Zone: 3 - 6
Early yellow apple
Geneva Red
Origin: New York 1982 Ripens: July Zone: 3 - 6
Large, red apple with tender flesh. Not a good keeper
Origin: Virginia Ripens: Oct Zone: 3 - 6
Yellow appple with some red blush. Tender, sweet apple that is good for cider.
Ginger Gold
Origin: Virginia Ripens: Sept Zone: 4 - 7
Can be picked green but will turn an attractive yellow with a blush if allowed to hang on the tree. Uiform fruit size. Keeps up to 6 months in storage. Ripens six weeks before Gibson Golden. Vigorous tree habit but no limb spreading is necessary.
Glori Mundi
Origin: Long Island, NY around 1800 Ripens: Oct Zone: 3 - 6
A huge apple, probably the largest apple ever grown in the United States. Some apples commonly reach a pound or a pound-and-a-half. Although it is not considered a good fresh-eating apple, it is a fine cooking variety. The fruit is large to very large and roundish in shape although the sides are often unequal. It has greenish-yellow skin with a faint, bronze blush. The greenish-yellow flesh is coarse, moderately crisp and quite acid, becoming mellower when fully ripe.
Origin: Germany 1969 Ripens: Oct Zone: 4 - 7
Conic shape, attractive fully red fruit with calyx end shoulder bumps. Larger, mostly 3" diameter. Good flavor, crisp flesh. Tarter flavor than Delicious. Extremely productive tree. Tree vigorous, heavy cropper.
Gold Ball
Origin: Unknown Ripens: October Zone: 3 - 6
Uses: Baking, Eating, Pies, Sauce
Large, round, yellow fruit with some russeting. Fair keeper, strong grower, and annual bearer.
Golden Noble
Origin: England 1820 Ripens: October Zone: 4 - 8
Very handsome pure yellow fruit with creamy white flesh and excellent texture. One of the best cooking apples with high acid and an extremely good fruity flavor. Trees are upright, spreading and moderately vigorous. A special garden tree because of the clear yellow glow of the apples in green foliage. Partial tip bearer.
Golden Pearmain
Origin: North Carolina Ripens: October Zone: 4 - 7
Uses: Baking, Eating, Pies
Golden Pearmain is believed to be one of the original apples grown in Thomas Jefferson's orchards in Monticello. The medium-sized, somewhat conical fruit has an attractive golden-orange skin, marbled and striped with red and bronze. The fine-grained, yellow flesh is firm, crisp and juicy.
Golden Pippin
Origin: United States - 1800's Ripens: September Zone: 4 - 6
Uses: Baking, Pies
Medium sized apple with mostly yellow skin. Flesh is yellow, tender and very juicy. Excellent desert and cooking apple.
Golden Reinette
Origin: England 1600s Ripens: Oct Zone: 3 - 6
Sweet tasting, beautiful apple, widely grown around London in the 1850s and reputed to be at its perfection in Hertfordshire.It likes light, warm soil. An old deservedly esteemed table apple.
Golden Russet
Origin: New York prior to 1845 Ripens: Oct Zone: 3 - 6
An old American cider apple, also good for eating and drying, and attractive for a russet. Tree medium to large, fruit medium to above. The sugary, dense flesh of this apple is the essence of the European reinettes.
Golden Spice (Dyer)
Origin: France - 1600s Ripens: September Zone: 4 - 7
Uses: Baking, Eating, Salads
Medium size apple is greenish yellow with a shade of red and some russeting. Flesh has a spicy flavor.
Golden Sweet
Origin: Connecticut Ripens: Aug/Sept Zone: 3 - 6
An extraordinarily sweet apple, so sweet that the "first bite can be a shock." It has no acid to balance the sweetness, so eating Golden Sweet can be like eating a tablespoon of honey. Fruit is medium to large with thin, smooth waxy yellow skin. The sweet yellow flesh is firm, juicy, and aromatic.
Origin: Purdue - 1972 Ripens: October Zone: 4 - 9
Uses: Baking, Pies, Sauce
A medium size green-yellow apple with a tart flavor. Very good keeper and disease resistance.
Origin: Manitoba 1948 Ripens: Sept Zone: 3 - 6
Flesh crisp, juicy and tender, makes delicious aromatic sauce and is also an excellent eating apple. Productive, annual bearer.
Origin: Unknown Ripens: October Zone: 3 - 8
A round, medium sized apple, pale green overlaid with deep purplish-red, and faint yellow streaks. White flesh is crisp, juicy and moderately subacid. Tree crops heavily with well spurred spreading growth habit.
Gray Pearmain
Origin: Unknown Ripens: October Zone: 2 - 2
Uses: Baking, Eating, Pies
A large, green, pink blushed, russetted apple. Flesh is crisp, white, and juicy while being mildly tart with a pearlike taste. A good keeper.
Origin: England 1966 Ripens: Sept Zone: 3 - 6
It is a mid season Golden Delicious type. Color is pale garnished with yellow, sometimes faint pink-orange flesh. Size is medium, shape oblong or round-conic. It is hardy and a partial tip bearer. Cropping is very heavy and the trees bear fruit very early in life. The fruits are crunchy and sweet with a nice tangy bite in Sept. and Oct. but they go rather soft by Nov. Tree weak but hardy.
Grimes Golden
Origin: West Virginia 1832 Ripens: September Zone: 4 - 8
Uses: Cider, Eating, Salads, Sauce
More complex flavor than its offspring Golden Delicious. Spicy, tangy, sweet with light yellow flesh. Best grown in warmer climates. Direct marketers seek out this fruit. Excellent pollinizer.
Grindstone (American Pippin)
Origin: England 1872 Ripens: Aug Zone: 3 - 6
Medium sized, green-yellow, apple with red stripes. Good cider apple.