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Early Cortland
Origin: Ripens: Aug Zone: 3 - 6
Fruit similar to Cortland, but tarter. Stores well for an early apple. Tree a vigorous grower.
Early Gold
Origin: Washington Ripens: August Zone: 4 - 8
Uses: Baking, Eating, Pies, Sauce
Similar to Lodi but firmer. A yellow-green apple with tart, crisp flesh.
Early Grannie
Origin: Unknown Ripens: Oct Zone: 4 - 9
Uses: Baking, Eating, Pies, Sauce
A sport of Granny Smith that requires only 165 frost free days to mature.
Early Harvest
Origin: 1700s in Long Island, New York. Ripens: July Zone: 3 - 6
It ripens over an extended period, grows well in all types of soil, and is prized for its great eating and cooking qualities. The fruit is medium in size with smooth, pale yellow skin. The tender white flesh is crisp and juicy with a brisk, tangy flavor.
Early Joe
Origin: Ontario County, New York around 1800 Ripens: Aug Zone: 3 - 6
Early Joe first received recognition in 1843 at a fair exhibition in Rochester, New York. Ten years later, its reputation had spread to the South where it was listed in several nursery catalogs in the region. The medium-sized apple is slightly conical in shape with thin, greenish-yellow skin and striped and splashed with dark red. The yellowish-white flesh is tender, juicy, and very flavorful.
Early Strawberry
Origin: New York 1800 Ripens: July/August Zone: 3 - 6
It is very similar in appearance to another early apple, Early Red Margaret, with the two often mistaken. Fruit is medium sized and often has unequal sides. The smooth, thick skin is light greenish-yellow with fine stripes and splashes of bright red. The tender, crisp, juicy flesh is white and often stained with red when eating.
Edward VII
Origin: England 1908 Ripens: Nov Zone: 4 - 7
Regarded by some as the finest winter apple for spring pie and sauce. A great cooking apple. Medium to large, shiny green or yellow skin, flesh firm, tart and juicy. Flat-round to round shape. Keeps until Easter when it possesses a rich, sweet flavor. Tree slow to come into bearing.
Egremont Russet
Origin: England 1880 Ripens: Oct Zone: 3 - 6
Prized as the most delicious of the English russets. Small, round, golden brown russet fruit often with black spots or markings. Greenish-yellow, richly flavored, very distinctive flesh, often described as nutty. Almost smoky, tannic quality develops after keeping and flesh becomes drier. Size medium, shape round, very high quality. Like all russets, it is a good keeper. Trees have moderate vigor, upright, crop is good and scab resistant. Hardy to -40 degrees.
Ellison Orange
Origin: England 1904 Ripens: Oct Zone: 3 - 6
Medium sized, golden apple which has juicy, yellow flesh. This tree can be biennial bearing.
Emerald Spire
Origin: Missouri Ripens: Sept Zone: 3 - 6
Growth habit like Crimson Spire but around mid-September you will be picking green apples with a beautiful golden blush & a crisp, tart & tangy flavor. The spring flowers are white, tinged with pink. Highly ornamental & productive in the garden or a container. (Use a pot at least 17" in diameter.) Best grown in normal garden soil in full sun. Requires another Colonnade-type tree for proper pollination.
Origin: Geneva NY - 1945 Ripens: Last September to Early October Zone: 4 - 7
Uses: Baking, Eating, Pies, Salads, Sauce
A McIntosh type apple with better color and flavor and longer keeper. Medium size fruit with a creamy white, crisp, juicy flesh.
Origin: New York 1966 Ripens: Sept Zone: 4 - 7
Fruit is medium sized, 90% red, with excellent eating quality and the aromatics of Jonamac. Tree habit is round, not vigorous. Blooms with Red Delicious.
Origin: Purdue University Ripens: October Zone: 4 - 9
Uses: Baking, Sauce
A medium to large, red apple. A very good keeper that is very disease resistant.
Erwin Baur
Origin: Germany 1928 Ripens: Nov Zone: 3 - 6
A good sized seedling of Oldenburg. A late variety, lightly striped red over yellow. It has especially hard and crisp flesh with the high flavor of Cox Orange.
Esopus Spitzenburg
Origin: Esopus, NY in 1790 Ripens: Oct - Nov Zone: 4 - 8
Uses: Baking, Eating, Pies, Salads
Thomas Jeffersons favorite dessert apple; A medium to large; orangish apple with some russeting. The flesh is yellow with spicy, juicy favor. Very good keeper.
Eves Delight
Origin: Oregon - 1980's Ripens: Late September Zone: 4 - 7
Uses: Baking, Eating, Pies
A very large red apple with a similar shape to a Red Delicious. Trees have very strong branches and up-right growth.