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Calville Blanc d Hiver
Origin: France or Germany 1598 Ripens: Oct/Nov Zone: 3 - 6
Uniquely shaped medium to large size fruit, skin yellow with light red flush. Fine textured. Flesh is tender, yellowish-white; flavor sweet, subacid, aromatic. Higher in Vitamin C than an orange. This is the gourmet culinary apple of France, excellent for tarts.
Origin: New Jersey Ripens: October Zone: 2 - 2
Uses: Cider
Medium to large yellow sweet cider apple. Skin is red striped with a slight yellow blush. A very good keeper
Canada Reinette
Origin: Ripens: Oct Zone: 3 - 6
Slightly russeted, yellow apple with juicy, crisp flesh.
Canadian Strawberry
Origin: Solon, ME early 1900's Ripens: Sept Zone: 4 - 6
Uses: Baking, Eating, Pies, Sauce
A round appple that is medium to large. Yellow with some green background, striping, and red-orange spots. Flesh is juicy and slightly tart and has a distinctive flavor. Keeps about one month.
Caney Fork Limbertwig
Origin: Kentucky Ripens: Nov Zone: 4 - 7
Originated in the Caney Fork area of the Cumberland mountains in Kentucky. Great cooking apple.
Carter Blue
Origin: Alabama 1840s Ripens: Aug Zone: 3 - 6
Greenish-yellow apple that is medium to large with white, crisp and juicy flesh. Very fragrant
Origin: New Jersey 1850 Ripens: Aug Zone: 3 - 6
Round, yellow apple with tender, juicy flesh.
Origin: Oakville, Washington Ripens: October Zone: 4 - 9
Uses: Baking, Pies
Large green/yellow apple that is similar to Golden Delicious. Great apple for baking.
Chenango Strawberry
Origin: New York - 1850 Ripens: August / September Zone: 3 - 8
Uses: Eating, Salads, Sauce
A medium to large apple with yellow/greenish skin with some red stripping. A dessert apple that is good for lots of uses. The white flesh is firm, juicy and very aromatic. Trees are hardy but susceptible to fire blight.
Cherry Cox
Origin: Denmark 1942 Ripens: Sept/Oct Zone: 3 - 6
Sport of Cox Orange Pippin from Denmark. Often shows dark red stripes and splashes of the solid red fruit. Keeps in storage one month longer than others of this type.
Cherry Pearmain
Origin: UK Ripens: Early Sept Zone: 4 - 7
Uses: Cider, Eating, Pies
Medium to large red stripped apple. Pink fleshed with a tart taste.
Origin: Kentucky - 1958 Ripens: September Zone: 4 - 7
Uses: Eating, Salads
A seedling of Red Rome and has the same characteristics. Tree is medium size and very vigorous, hardy, productive.
Chestnut Crab
Origin: Minnesota - 1946 Ripens: Early September Zone: 4 - 7
Uses: Baking, Eating, Pies, Salads, Sauce
A large crab that is good for cooking and desserts. The flesh is crisp, juicy and sweet and has a nut-like flavor. A very hardy tree and resistant to cedar-apple rust.
Chisel Jersey
Origin: England 1800s Ripens: Late October Zone: 4 - 6
Uses: Cider
A reddish bittersweet cider apple. Very vigorous tree.
Christmas Pearmain
Origin: Ripens: October Zone: 4 - 7
Uses: Eating, Pies, Salads
A small dessert apple with green/yellow skin with some red blushing and striping. Apples is conical shaped. The flesh is firm, yellow and aromatic.
Cinnamon Spice
Origin: Bolinas, CA Ripens: Oct Zone: 3 - 6
Named for its cinnamon flavor, like an apple pie in a fresh apple. Medium size, wine red with some yellow back- ground color. Tree of medium vigor, with upright shoots.
Clay Pot
Origin: Wisconsin 1988 - Found along abandon rr right-of-w Ripens: Sept Zone: 3 - 6
Uses: Cider, Eating, Pies, Salads, Sauce
A very pretty apple. Nearly round, medium to large cherry red fruit. Tree has a unique weeping growth habit. It is both a spur and tip bearer. Crisp, sweet flesh with just a hint of tartness.
Claygate Pearmain
Origin: England 1821 Ripens: Sept Zone: 3 - 6
Medium to large oblong-conic fruit with a few red stripes and russet dots or netting. Strong nutty taste, rich and aromatic. Firm flesh with typical dense russet texture. Grown in Edwardian & Victorian country gardens and one of Edward Bunyards indispensable dozen.
Coconut Crunch
Origin: Homedale, ID Ripens: October Zone: 3 - 6
Uses: Eating
A hard, yellow apple which has the actual texture like a chunk of coconut. The flavor is mild but interesting. Tastes best after it has been stored for a while.
Coe's Golden Drop
Origin: England 1842 Ripens: Aug/Sept Zone: 3 - 6
Small, flat, conical fruit; yellow, blushed with bright crimson. Crisp and yellow flesh; very juicy, brisk, sugary and vinous. Susceptible to scab.
Coles Quince
Origin: Maine 1849 Ripens: Aug Zone: 3 - 6
Large, yellow apple with a red blush. Mild, juicy flavor. Poor keeper
Connell Red
Origin: Dunn County, Wisconsin and introduced in 1957 Ripens: Oct Zone: 3 - 6
It is red sport of Fireside which itself is a cross of McIntosh and Longfield. It is a large round apple with a solid red color and a sweet perfumed fragrance reminiscent of its parent McIntosh. An excellent fresh eating and cooking apple and a superb keeper, holding well into April.
Origin: Geneva, New York 1915 (McIntosh x Ben Davis) Ripens: Sept/Oct Zone: 3 - 6
A McIntosh type with sweet vinous flavor, but not all of Macs aromatics. Very white crisp flesh; one of the best salad apples because it does not brown quickly. Hangs on the tree better than McIntosh, and more crisp in hot weather.
Court Pendu Plat
Origin: Europe 1613 (probably Roman) Ripens: Oct Zone: 3 - 6
The name is derived from Corps Pendu, referring to the shortness of the stem. Skin is greenish-yellow becoming flushed with orange-red with short broken stripes. A good cropper with rich, aromatic fruit with a good balance of sugar and acid. Suitable for areas with late spring frost because it blooms very late and is cold hardy.
Cox Orange Pippin
Origin: England 1830 (seedling of Ribston Pippin) Ripens: Sept/Oct Zone: 4 - 7
Fruit medium, red and yellow, usually striped. Flesh yellow, firm, crisp, very juicy, aromatic. Highly esteemed in England as a dessert apple; produces an excellent apple in cooler summer climates. One of the best apples for espalier.
Crimson Crisp
Origin: Purdue Univ Ripens: September Zone: 4 - 7
Uses: Eating, Pies, Sauce
Medium, red apple with crisp, tart flesh. Great eating apple and long keeper.
Crimson Spire
Origin: England 1934 Ripens: Nov Zone: 3 - 6
Excellent cooking and cider apple